Smokers Mouth Rehabilitation

Giving up smoking is difficult, equally tough is undoing the effects which nicotine will have had on your mouth. At Wimpole Street Dental Care, we are here to help in both instances.

We have put together our Healthy Mouth, Healthy You package which will not only help you to quit but restore your smile to its brightest and best.


If you haven’t already stopped we can refer you to a hypnotherapist who can help you to give up the habit for good.


Then, when you are a former smoker, we will help to restore your mouth. We do this by carrying out a full mouth health check to see what damage has been done and developing a treatment plan to undo the effects of years of smoking. This will include our Former Smokers Deep Clean with the hygienist, which we may prescribe more than one of. We will then suggest any necessary treatments with one of our dentists if your teeth have been damaged.


Finally, we will carry out teeth whitening with the revolutionary Enlighten system which will help you to achieve a bright smile to be proud of.


This package is more than just a cosmetic solution, the focus is making your mouth healthy again and helping to undo the damage caused by cigarettes.



If you would like to speak to us about the benefits of this service, then call us on 020 7935 3323 to book a consultation.


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