Smile Makeover


Many people are so unhappy with the appearance of their teeth that they use a hand to shield their mouth when speaking. 


If you’re one of those people, you may benefit from having a smile makeover which will be carried out in a conservative and minimally invasive manner at Wimpole Street Dental Care.


Our advice is not to look for a quick result, but instead, have treatment which will leave you with a healthy mouth and gums that is simple to maintain for years to come.


We have all seen certain celebrities who have had imperfect teeth and then suddenly reappeared with an exceptionally white and ‘perfect’ looking smile. What many people won’t have seen is how often those makeovers need adjusting or look impressive yet don’t function properly. We never advise this quick fix, and indeed we have had to correct cases which have been carried out elsewhere when somebody has gone for an instant result.


An example would be when somebody wants a perfectly straight and bright smile. The quick fix would be to use porcelain veneers, despite unhealthy inflamed gums; however, this can be quite invasive. A similar result may be possible with Invisalign (invisible braces), composite bonding (using the tooth coloured material we use for fillings) and teeth whitening. The second treatment plan will take longer but be less damaging to your teeth easier to maintain and better long-term prognosis.


Whilst the appearance and cosmetics of your smile are important, your oral health should always be the first consideration.

We take time to thoroughly plan your treatment, get your mouth and gums healthy and finally undertake the cosmetic treatment to make your smile look great.

If you’d like to increase your confidence and have a smile which is healthy yet looks great and natural, call us on 020 7935 3323 to book a consultation.



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