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Take Back Control – Quit for Good

There’s always an underlying thought with smokers when it comes to considering quitting… is the damage already done? You might think so, but research actually suggests that you begin to heal from the moment you quit. Yes, it takes time, but if you put in the commitment you will see results. No matter how long you’ve used tobacco products, quitting now can significantly reduce your risk of gum disease, tooth loss and many other oral health problems. As time goes on, many of these health risks will diminish until they are almost at levels for non-smokers – and that is definite incentive. Furthermore, ex-smokers should find it easier and quicker to heal from infections or injury, and the effectiveness of any gum disease treatments will be increased. Your breath will smell far more fresh and pleasant, and you can begin work on returning your teeth to a less-stained appearance with the help of various teeth whitening treatments.

In 1984 the very first No Smoking Day was established. Since then, this special health awareness day has taken place annually on the second Wednesday of March. Each year focuses on a different angle or tagline; this year’s social media campaign is driven by the hashtag #tellusyourway, which seeks to encourage quitters to share with others their personal success stories and the winning way in which they achieved their goal.

Allow your mind to wander… think about that dream holiday you’ve been longing for… well, guess what?! When you quit, you’ll have lots of extra cash floating around just begging to be spent on a fantastic and well-deserved reward! Good. So you now have the end result in sight… let’s focus on how to get there.

We’ll begin with the basics. It is a grounding and purposeful process to remind yourself of the pros to kicking the habit, despite knowing the facts already. Don’t just know the benefits; make those benefits relevant and important to yourself and tell yourself these are the reasons you cannot go back. We’ll get you started with some dental-related advantages:

  • As nicotine often masks the symptoms of gum disease, you will be able to see more clearly after quitting the damage that needs repairing and dental treatments will work more effectively

  • Your immune system will start to recover, so that you can fight off infection and heal from wounds more quickly than before

  • Fresher breath

  • Less build-up from excessive tartar and plaque (which can lead to decay more quickly)

  • Lowered risk of tooth loss and infected roots

  • Significantly lower chances of developing gum disease and mouth cancers, which are actually 6 times more likely to occur in smokers than non-smokers

Powerfully addictive, it’s no secret that it is a very controlling habit once it has its grip on you. However, accept that this won’t be easy and manage your journey more effectively by being realistic. Study your options carefully. Design a process that works for you, utilising the plethora of information and support out there. Plenty of people have done it before you – use their experiences to bolster your self-belief. You can do this. Reports over the last decade suggest that 1 in 10 smokers manage to quit on No Smoking Day. Join the 10% with pride. Break free from this expensive and potentially life-threatening, toxic habit and take back control, today.



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