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Natural Coloured Fillings


Natural coloured fillings have improved significantly in recent years. Traditionally, amalgam (often called metal) fillings were used to fill teeth. The preparation involved drilling more than necessary to create a shape which would lock the metal fillings in once set, almost like a bottle top wider at the base.  These would eventually need replacing, either due to discoloration, deteriorations around the edges of the filling allowing bacteria in, or fractures.


Composite resin has become stronger and has many advantages the main one being that it is strongly bonded to the surface of the tooth thereby reducing the chances of bacterial ingress. It can be repaired in the mouth unlike the old amalgams. It can be polished to a high gloss finish, and because it bonds to the tooth surface this reduces the amount of tissue needing to be removed. 


Some benefits of natural coloured fillings include;


  • They look much better, most people cannot tell the difference in a natural coloured filling and the original tooth

  • Composite fillings can bond directly to the tooth. This makes the tooth stronger than it would be with an amalgam filling

  • Less drilling is involved than with amalgam fillings. This is because we do not not have to shape the space as much to hold the filling securely. The bonding process holds the composite resin in the tooth

  • Amalgam contains mercury, whilst composite does not. Some people may be allergic to mercury or be concerned about its effects


If you already have amalgam fillings in place and would like them replaced with natural coloured ones, we can safely carry out this procedure. We rarely suggest removing an amalgam filling if it is working fine and shows no sign of decay as you make the hole slightly larger every time you remove a filling. We would recommend changing it when clinically necessary, unless it is rather unsightly, and you are deeply unhappy with the aesthetic.


If you require a filling, or would like an amalgam filling replaced, and would like a wonderful and natural result please call us on 020 7935 3323 to book a consultation.



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