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Gum Disease Treatment


Gum disease often starts with some minimal inflammation around the gum lines, which a patient may spot when brushing or flossing. This may appear as slightly puffy reddened area and may or may not bleed. This is the most important time to visit us to see a dentist or hygienist as it is best not to allow the gum diseases to progress, as inflammation can be reversed in early stages.


If your gums have progressed past inflammation, then you need to see us as a priority, as it’s an indication something more serious is going on.


Gum disease is caused by bacterial deposits under the gum and your body’s inflammatory or immune response to these bacterial deposits. This disease, if left untreated results in ‘pockets’ due to a loss of gum tissue and then ultimately bone loss which is irreversible. Anyone at any age can be susceptible to gum disease. If left untreated your teeth will become loose and eventually fall out as the bone dissolves away from around your teeth, reducing the support of the tooth.


Many factors play a role in how the bacteria under the gum and your immune response interact, such as smoking, diabetes, hormonal changes during pregnancy and the menopause to name but a few.

Bacteria reside in the plaque which is the soft white sticky deposits on your teeth. When the gums become irritated and inflamed by this plaque they swell and cover the bacteria. This makes it difficult for you to remove the bacteria without a professional cleaning from one of the team here at Wimpole Street Dental Care.


If you are a smoker you may have gum disease without realising as smoking reduces the blood supply to the gums, therefore masking the main symptom, giving you a false sense of security.


If you have any concerns about gum disease speak to us immediately on 020 7935 3323.

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