The Fresh Breath Clinic


Halitosis (or bad breath) isn’t necessarily the easiest topic to raise with a sufferer, so just think about this…if you’re afraid to tell a friend or colleague about their breath then perhaps you too suffer and people are afraid to tell you?


At Wimpole Street Dental Care we understand how difficult it is to talk about bad breath and know how it can really have a significant effect on people’s lives. We are here to help you and provided the recommended treatment and advice is followed then halitosis is highly treatable.


A fresh breath consultation consists of a comprehensive examination of teeth and all soft tissues in the mouth. We also take X-rays and carry out various tests for our assessment. This includes taking a sample of bacteria which is analysed straight away under the microscope to help with the diagnosis.


At the end of the your appointment we will discuss your recommended treatment plan. On average patients are treated 4 to 6 times over a 3 month period.


At the completion of your treatment we advise how frequently you will need follow-up maintenance appointments, which is generally every 3 – 6 months.


We’ll get your breath fresh and mouth healthy, then help you to maintain it!


If you are interested in booking a fresh breath consultation please contact our experienced team who will be kind and sympathetic to your problem.

The Fresh Breath Clinic