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Chipped, broken or cracked teeth


Many people have walked around for years with a chipped or damaged tooth which prevents them from smiling properly or which can dent their confidence.


Unless the damage is severe and compromises the tooth, leading to an extraction (in which case we still have options to fill the gap) then we have a variety of simple treatment options.


If a fragment of the tooth has chipped off we would normally carry out bonding, which is where we use composite resin to build up the tooth. Composite is the same material we use in natural coloured fillings. If there is too much damage, then we will consider a porcelain veneer rather than a composite one.


If a large piece of the tooth is broken off, then we may file away part of the remaining tooth and place a dental crown. This crown will look and feel like the tooth it is replacing. Dental crowns are also great at replacing a tooth which has been cracked, to prolong the lifespan of it, although ultimately you will possibly lose that tooth if the crack spreads to under the gum line.

Depending on where in the mouth your damaged tooth is, we may also be able to place an onlay, which fits over the top of the biting surface of a tooth and is often referred to as a ‘partial crown’. It is a great way to restore the missing part of the tooth with a highly aesthetic strong restoration.


Suffice to say that whether your tooth is chipped, broken or cracked we will recommend the least invasive treatment with the best aesthetic result.


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