We are a long established private practice of over 50 years based in London’s West End. Our aim is to provide high-quality dental treatment in a friendly and comfortable surrounding.


We offer general dental care as well as highly specialised treatments carried out by registered specialists.


Our treatments include: General Dentistry, including prevention and maintenance, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Invisalign and tooth whitening.


We also offer treatment under sedation for especially nervous patients. We believe that oral health contributes to your overall physical and emotional wellbeing and therefore it is extremely important to provide the care that you need in order to ensure your overall health.


Call us on 020 7935 3323 to book your next dental care appointment!

General Dentistry

Keeping your teeth healthy for life

The goal of general restorative dentistry is to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. By regularly visiting the practice you can prevent problems before they ever get a chance to happen.

The two most common causes of people losing teeth are gum disease and decay and we can help to prevent both.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Giving you the confidence to smile!

It goes without saying that your teeth are crucial in the appearance of a healthy and happy smile.


Many people refuse to smile properly due to chipped or broken teeth, heavy staining, large gaps or even missing teeth.


Facial Aesthetics

Look and feel years younger!

If you want to reduce lines on your face and you have been considering treatment for quite some time there are non-surgical procedures available to restore your youthful appearance.


Facial rejuvenation treatments can soften wrinkles and smooth out the skin allowing you to look years younger.

Perfect Smile
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The Fresh Breath Clinic

Bad breath is highly treatable!

Halitosis (or bad breath) isn’t necessarily the easiest topic to raise with a sufferer, so just think about this…if you’re afraid to tell a friend or colleague about their breath then perhaps you too suffer and people are afraid to tell you?

Perfect Smile
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